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An open letter to my representatives in Australia’s Federal Parliament

Australian Citizenship and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014

It is with great concern that I noticed that the above bill was given its second reading debate only this morning and would seem to be on track for debate in the Senate some time next week when the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee makes its report.

This bill I find very disturbing and particularly of concern for any Australian citizen who was not born here in Australia.

According to the summary, it would appear that anyone who incurs the disfavour of the Minister for Immigration could be bundled out of the country with no judicial review whatsoever. The explanatory memorandum seems to focus on individuals who have more recently arrived in Australia, however, as a citizen of over thirty years who is quite likely to offend the current Minister for a variety of reasons (mostly to do with his behaviour in dodging responsibility for those seeking refuge here), I feel I am justified in feeling concerned whether I could also be turfed out of my home and sent away from my family just because I have offended a person in power.

From what little I have been able to find on the reasons for this proposed legislation, it would appear that previous breeches of the Citizenship Acts have been dealt with under existing legislation, and the Minister probably already holds the power to revoke individual citizenships, all be it with judicial review and oversight – as it should be.

I am requesting that you represent me, as a citizen of this country who could be adversely affected by this legislation, to block or otherwise prevent the passage of this legislation through the Senate and find a way to ensure that judicial oversight is maintained particularly on any legislation or regulation changes that may impact on the desire of people migrating to Australia to become full citizens of this country.

Your employer and Australian citizen

PS – I haven’t been able to work out what other legislation is referred to in the bill, unless it is the current Migration Act and Regulations. But if it is a question of that legislation being changed to accommodate wording about spouses, surely that could be dealt with through a more general piece of legislation aimed at correcting those definitions in all Australian legislation without encumbering such changes with such meanly focused bill.


Power and responsibility?

I registered with Change.org for a variety of reasons at the beginning of the year, but I find it disturbing the increase in the number of petitions now being circulated about :

A) the Department of Immigration denying residential visas to contributing members of our society on the grounds that infants they brought with them many years ago or children who have subsequently been born here, when those children are diagnosed as having a physical or mental illness,

B) banks or insurance companies of one flavour or another denying payouts that, once embarrassed through public petition and media reports, are apparently granted.

Change.org is probably not the only petition template provider that is starting to appear in the inbox, whether it be email, Facebook or some other platform (those are just the two I keep being forwarded so far). I have no idea what to do about it, or how to help (apart from signing the petitions).

But I was struck by a passing reference to one of Issac Asimov’s aphorisms this morning about it taking three generations for great things to rise and fall unless great care is taken with the education of the young.
In which case this current generation of politicians is definitely the third generation of conservatives since 1945 (Menzies/Fraser, Howard, Abbott – and there are some ALP types who fit right in there with them), and I think there is a growing consensus that this current government is more reflective of the ‘wastrel grandsons of old greatness’ concept than forgers of anything new.