#MarchinMarch #Perth

I’ve just got home from the Perth “March In March”. We left early because the DD had reached her limit, but she felt she had to at least turn up to the start of the march.
About 3000+/- I think, may have been a little more, gathered on Langley Park around 10:30 this morning.
A Channel 9 camera was spotted at the beginning of the show as the marchers were Welcomed to Country by Nyoonga representatives, as was someone’s camera carrying drone (which got a bit of a snarl from the crowd). There were lots of placards about lots of topics, some more poignant than others of course. A fair number of small and not so small children and dogs were toddling around. And a lot of support from various union groups was visible in the crowd.

http-static.ow.ly-photos-normal-4ujze We were officially harangued by:

  • Jo Valentine about nuclear power and accountability;
  • a young lady objecting to the treatment of refugees;
  • a chap from the Socialist Alliance objecting to “Capitalism in general”;
  • a young man pointing out the problems with the TPP;
  • the current president of the Curtin Student Union about cuts to higher education;
  • and the secretary of the TLC in WA about jobs for Australians.

All speakers castigated both political parties for their treatment of refugees, and though the only visible political party was the Greens (Scott Ludlam was present, but I didn’t notice until afterwards) the ALP wasn’t officially present. There were several people there who I’ve seen associated with the ALP though, and the TLCWA was quite visible in several union blocks. [Update: I’ve been informed via my Twitter stream that Sen Louise Pratt and Sen. Sue Lines were also present.]

Abbot government is as transparent as this sign        Abbottoir Reeks - Turn left at next election
The unions were even invited to lead off the march as they were organised enough to look like they were leaders – I suppose it pays to have practised getting a crowd marching over many years *twinkles*If there was a mood to the crowd I would rate it as “very annoyed” possibly even at the ‘cup of tea, stirred vigorously’ level of annoyance – but then, Perth would like to be a “proper” city …  *a very dry grin* #MarchInMarch #Perth

Hopefully there will be more information from other sources about the Perth march. Perhaps there will be more imagery of the march on the TV news than just the Welcome and the little sacred fire that acknowledged that this was ‘business’ that Australians need to deal with.

I’m glad I went, even if the DD and I didn’t actually march.

Not In My Name, Mr Abbott


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