Abandon the shark cull, please! UPDATE:

UPDATE:  Received 20140114.12:14

Hi [incorrectly spelt personal name redacted]

Thank you for your email.

These new shark mitigation strategies are in force to uphold the WA Government’s duty of care for West Australians and give all of us the ability to make responsible decisions about our water use.

We have spoken to a wide range of stakeholders including fishing industry representatives, Recfishwest, marine scientists and academics, Surfing WA, the Recreational Water Users Association, The Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Surf Life Saving WA, conservation groups, board riders and other Australian State Governments. Submissions were also received from the CSIRO and WA Water Police to ensure that these measures are warranted.

The hooks on the drum lines are very big and are specifically designed to target big sharks. The bait is also specifically selected to target sharks and not dolphins. In this respect all due care is being taken to ensure only large shark are caught. The 1km distance from shore is in line with SLSWA protocols. In Queensland drum lines are set as close as 350m from shore.

I understand this is a controversial issue however and have passed your feedback onto the Minister for Fisheries office.

Thank you for contacting me.

Kind Regards,

Nathan Morton MLA
Member for Forrestfield

Notes: This reply, although it had my original email attached with my name spelt in full, still managed to misspell my name. It’s the little things that count … *sighs*


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