Eighty-four days, and counting …

I think the thing I hate most about the quality of journalism and political behaviour in the last four years is that I find it more and more difficult to understand where these so-called “Liberals” and their friends are coming from. I mean, they don’t seem to even conform to “conservative values” that the Liberal party used to stand for (at least when I started reading about these things).
It makes is so much more easy to hate, which has to be the most divisive and controlling emotion, so easily mobilised to cause death or destruction on many levels. And the saddest part of it, is that I see those blogs where civil conversation has held its own in that time becoming more and more strident and absorbing those hateful attitudes into their own discourse.

One thing that also (sort of) amuses me is that the ‘leftist collective’ seems to be made up of far more individuals with their own take on the world, politely expressed or defended as necessary. A cacophony of different voices, each welcomed for adding a new light on our mutual understandings.
This is in comparison to the group-think of ‘right thinking’ outlets consisting of individual individuals. Where disagreement with the leader of the pack is to court a snarling put-down intimidating the offender into acceptable behaviour. Where fear and obedience seem to be the order of the day. It is behaviour that suggests these people are themselves afraid and, hating what they are afraid of, try to make others afraid and hate-full too.

I have no idea how to change it, except that I need to be aware of how easy it is to slip into a hating mindset. I need to prevent myself sliding into an easy stereotyping of all things ‘not in the leftist collective’ as being wrong and therefore hateful and forgetting that these people are my fellow citizens. I need to be braver at calling out the sorts of language that tears down people, that makes them “not like us”, and I need to find more effective ways to explain my point of view in terms that these ‘New Liberals” can understand.

Eighty-four days since the election, and things are getting nastier than they ever were before Mr Abbott’s party was elected into government. I think the coming year will test my resolution to not sink to the depths so easily manipulated by the likes of some newspaper opinion writers or Mr Abbott’s front bench parliamentary colleagues.


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