Weeping in frustration already …

“I voted Liberal this time around, because I felt they would do a better job than Labor overall. I really want them to engage with people on this issue. It’s going to be a tough fight, but one we can win if all of us ensure the new government hear us.” –  Nick Paine, Change.org/nbn

And I get to live with people telling me this for the next how many years?

It really puzzles me how it is those people barely over the age of consent, probably voting in their first real election, have voted for the Liberal or National Party presuming that an online petition will make a difference to a bunch of politicians who have, for the previous three years, undermined the whole concept of building infrastructure that would provide work, connection and possibility for the future for ALL Australians no matter where they live.

But because the pervading media miasma was one that portrayed the ALP and anything they did as being ‘incompetent’, or ‘wasteful’ or just plain wrong, so many young people are now surprised when they get ignored by the politicians whom they have helped into office without reading the fine print of policy. Is it only people who have had experience of being deprived because of fine print we didn’t read were aware that there was something fishy about the whole last three years worth of reporting in the MSM about parliament and the ALP government?

It’s not going to stop me promoting this particular petition, as I think emphasising the fact that the ALP’s National Broadband plan is far superior to what the LNP is offering is important. Nor is it going to stop my desire to whack people over the head with a helium balloon because they are too lazy to find out who they are hiring to do the job of governing the country.  After all, who wouldn’t review a résumé before employing someone? And it’s not going to stop me writing to my local representatives and senators to tell them what I need in my country, and how well (or poorly) I think they are doing in representing me.

I am going to give young Nick a jellybean though, for having the gall to actually believe that the Liberal and National parties would listen to him, change the pathetic offering they currently have and build something that would last into the future a bit longer (and may even cost less over the long-term). I just hope that at the next election, he and others in his situation, will remember to evaluate the people who want to represent us in a similar way to hiring someone for a more mundane management/representative position.


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