What to do next?

If what this newspaper article is suggesting is happening within the Australian Labor Party, and the factions and union bosses are ‘stitching up a deal’, then Australia will miss out on the possibility of returning a left of centre government any time soon.

Not because the Labor Party has abandoned its left of centre policies, though I sometimes wonder at some of the things I’ve heard recently from some Labor politicians;
Not because it has been exposed to be harbouring individuals in NSW that were less than salubrious in their conduct, just that the lines of corruption have never been rooted out all the way and into whatever other parties may be involved;
Not because it has been baled up and pilloried by one of the most egregious and obvious newspaper power plays of all time.

I think it is because the Australian Labor Party and the unions that are closely bound to it have forgotten that they are first among equals – that the people they are there to represent are of just as much value (the old “one man, one vote” thing) and that today there are ways of counting that vote that are not reliant on someone using the postal service telegraph.
This whole factional thing that the press like to play on to scare people is one that needs re-examining, because people (it does not matter which party or organisation) tend to fall into cliques that then try to garner more power for themselves. The trouble is, that by allowing factions to develop, it is forgotten that the power-over someone on your side of politics means that the people on the other side of politics have a free hand to demonize and ridicule and misrepresent the “fair go for all” concept that the ALP supposedly promotes.

Mind you, me standing on the outside yelling at the ones making the decisions, with no knowledge of how the ALP may be sorting itself out, is to succumb to the sieve of hysteria that the main stream media think is their right to force people through.

So to that end, I hope that the ALP considers the recommendations that Sen. John Faulkner and others have put forward in the last few years and find a way to include more people in deciding who leads the party, who represents Australian citizens at the left of the political spectrum. And remember why it is important that workers, small businesses (including sub-contractors), and the disadvantaged have a voice in choosing who represents them in parliament.

Actually, I don’t think I can stand on the outside for much longer … I’ll probably have to become the change I want and join the ALP – least ways that could mean I might make a difference in how those changes I want to happen. You never know, perhaps the ALP will get its shit together and all its progressive policies re-polished and clearly explained to us voters, so that instead of standing still or (heaven fore-fend) moving culturally backwards again, Australians won’t be among the last nations in the world to accept a twenty-first century view-point!


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