Well, that’s that then…

Having survived last Saturday handing out How-To-Vote cards, and been subjected to several rather unedifying examples of triumphal “Liberal” males as the day closed, I am crawling back into my shell to work out what to do next.

One thing I am even more aware of is that I, as a voter and citizen of this country, need to be more aware of the standards that my representatives meet (or fail to meet). I also need to start examining more closely, and challenging more often the extent and manner in which language is used to frame various arguments. Both these things can make a difference in how our society grows.

For the first I need to construct an email alert that will notify my of anything that my parliamentary representatives do (both Federal and State). For the second, I need to start reading about how to frame my own language so as to express the world in the way I would prefer when I communicate my approval or opprobrium to those representatives. And I need to write to them when they do something that I find troubling, not leaving it until later because it is too hard.

But apart from writing to the major parties to express how I feel or understand their policies, and reading more books and articles from both 4th and 5th Estates of the media, I haven’t worked out what else I can do to make my country better. Yet …


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