Two days to go

I think the dilemma we are facing on Saturday is that there is a perception in general that politics is more about people who have grown up in the system and both sides have their apparatchiks (a lovely negatively connoted word that has overtones of ‘control from the top’ in an aggressively controlling, yet incompetent manner).

But for my money, the difference between the two major parties is that the Liberal/National Party coalition (and I wonder that they still maintain that fiction) believes that they are the ones with the answers, there is that droit de seigneur  about their attitudes and behaviour that has poisoned more than one national psyche in the past.

The Labor party has, for all its faults and they are many, still has the idea that everybody is of value, and that if we attempt the fair go then even those who have little will be able to contribute and everyone will be richer. Which does not necessarily imply ‘having more dollar value’, because not all riches can be measured in that way.

This may be a bit confronting, but I think that it is a reasonable outlay of the differences between the two major parties.



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