Blue means …

This week the PM stirred a bucket of trouble by giving a speech that, in passing, featured blokes in blue ties.

This week saw the mainstream media give a collective gulp and try to parse this as the PM ‘having a moment’, igniting a gender war, raising fears about access to abortion (something about which some people think has been long settled in women’s favour … how little are they aware), and in general make yet another faux pas that didn’t fit the narrative that has been constructed for her.

This was followed by most papers splashing images of blokes in blue ties on both sides of the political divide. And by Fairfax papers running an article in their “Executive Style” column on “What does your tie say about you?”

I think the most appropriate comment came from Mr Rudd who claimed that “Therese and Jessica buy my ties, I just wear them.”

What has me really annoyed though was listening to ABC RN’s The List on the radio on my drive home this evening, and their tentative examination of what “blue ties” could possibly mean.

Blue = conservative. How original!
What about all the other things that are associated with it: Purity, Masculinity, Dignity, Creativity, Sorrow, Depression, Security, Dependability, Coldness, Trustworthiness…

That last one is worth noting as the suggestion to those reading the Executive Style column is “Wear it to: establish trust and credibility ”


Wear it to ESTABLISH trust and credibility.

I’m thinking about Mr Rudd’s comment about who buys his ties, and likely packs his bags too. I’m thinking that a majority of politicians (or those who buy their ties) these days are very well aware of particular “meanings” that accrue to particular things like colour and cut of clothing …

Why do these politicians (or their stylists) need to ESTABLISH trust and credibility?

The really sad thing is that the mainstream media seem uninterested in the rest of the speech that PM Gillard gave to the “Women for Gillard” gathering, which was far more interesting in listing areas where Ms Gillard’s government and the ALP have made a difference to the lives of all women in this country and contrasted those achievements with what might be on offer from the other side (not that we know what they are offering).

It’s enough to make me see red …

PS – I note that members of the media in reporting on this speech, chose to coyly make the point of drawing attention to the fact they were wearing blue ties. Sad, isn’t it – do they also need to establish their trustworthiness or credibility?


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