Open Letter to the Labor Party of Australia

Considering that the Liberal/National Party are using what appears to be an “American Tea Party” approach to the Federal election, how are you adapting President Obama’s techniques to get the Labor Party’s points across to a wider audience?

I’m providing this link that examines Mr Obama’s campaign use of data/information, as quite frankly I do not think the Labor Party is thinking sufficiently outside the narrow parameters of what has been done before.

This link is more about the PR campaign that can be run on a comparative shoe-string using social media. Not only are there a vast majority of young people who would be voting for the first time already using social media, they are the ones who do not understand that the policies of the LNP as outlined last Thursday in Mr Abbott’s Budget Reply, will really make their lives so much more difficult. Unless they are told by their peers [PDF], or by elders who respect their point of view, then the cheap labour desires of the LNP’s backers will reduce the possibilities available to them even further.

The main stream media seem to have an particular agenda about who should be running this country based on ideology. Please find a way to use other media to get your message out and find a way to explain HOW the Labor Party has benefited Australia, and WHY the Labor Party has a brighter vision for all Australians who want to live in a civilized society.

Australia has weathered one of the deepest global recessions since the 1930s with hardly a dent. Yet many Australians seem to be under the impression that we are in a terrible place. I think the Labor Party need to get the under the skin of the main stream media and get the information out about what the situation really is, what the party has done and still wants to do in such a way that Australians will see greater possibilities for themselves when all Australians are lifted up, because everyone has a chance when there is a more civil society.


2 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Labor Party of Australia

  1. Great letter Mark, we should start shouting from the roof tops or something, I agree with you on getting under the skin of the MSM, I just don’t know how we do this when we all know how much control Murdoch has over the Lieberal propaganda outlets. (MSM). We must do something that is for sure!!

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